Monday, 06 September 2010 14:50

The Soca Princesses looked in fighting form on Thursday during a training session just three days prior to making history on home soil as the first National Under 17 Women’s team to compete in a major FIFA World Cup event.

The training session  was held on the grounds of  the University of Trinidad and Tobago, O’meara Campus, Arima and following a full two hours of rigorous drills and exercises, Coach Even Pellerud surmised that:“It was an acceptable level of performance”. He added: “We are just killing time now."The team is eager to play, and maintains a good intensity level during training sessions."

The coach continued: "The team shape and set pieces were main topics today, and the general performance level was again at an acceptable standard."

Assistant Team Manager Ricarda Nelson was more generous with her opinion and agreed that:

“The girls worked hard today and put in what is necessary to be 100% ready.  I am optimistic about the going into Sunday’s opening match.”

A hopeful T&T Team captain Lauren Schmidt anticipates that the princesses will continue to play as a team as they did in Miami because “then” she says: “I know that we can beat the competition.”

Training continues for Team T&T tomorrow morning and Saturday evening in the lead up to the first ever FIFA U17 Women’s World Cup to be held in the Caribbean twin island republic of Trinidad and Tobago.

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