This tutorial, entitled Cards for Image Permissions and Image Permissions, is intended to make the confusion of image rights easier for Wikipedia members and to empower those The “non-attorney” among the members can quickly judge whether the transmission of certain images is legally permitted.

The Wikipedia postings must be consistent with the purpose of Wikipedia’s general education. Therefore, Wikipedia does not welcome the upload and upload of personal images on the member’s personal pages. Also, if an image is not used in posts it may be voted for deletion.

When using images at Wikipedia in principle it is necessary to clarify two issues:

Is it possible to publish an image of yourself?
Are other people’s images protected by copyright?
Comments on free image sources can be used for us in the page

The publication may be limited by the privacy rights of the person being photographed. Each person in principle is free to decide whether or not his image is generally published and to what extent.

Exception: Individuals who are in public meetings (such as demonstrations, festivals) or accidentally standing in the allowed scene can be seen in the corresponding images without having to Their consent. But the people involved are not allowed to be the purpose of the photograph. Accordingly it was allowed to photograph a large group of football fans in the stands, but it was not allowed to take a single football fan without his consent for a portrait photograph. In addition, the law stipulates that it is not permitted to damage the legitimate interests of the person being photographed through such permitted images.

Famous people (the absolute character of contemporary history, such as the famous politician) and the “stand in the light of the public” for a short time (the relative character of contemporary history For example, someone who has just saved another person from drowning can be recorded and reported without their consent. However, there are also opinions that are only allowed when the characters on the image are actually in a public office.

It is also not allowed to peek through the wall or cross other obstacles or use assistive devices such as telephoto, ladder or even aircraft to intrude into their own range. Private protected by a character (well-known)